Throw Pillows:  Some Basic Decorating Ideas
Throw Pillows: Some Basic Decorating Ideas

As far as throw pillows are concerned, it's definitely okay to be a little bit daring. They are the simplest solution for you if you want to add some pizazz to your home décor. So go ahead — be fun and experimental with your throw pillows. There are plenty of funky patterns to choose from.

The sky is the limit— get off the couch!

Take a look around the room you want to decorate. There's probably a corner in your living room that's a little too small for a chair. Or perhaps there's a little nook in your bedroom that you're not entirely sure what to do with. Try filling those holes with a few retro throw pillows. Feel free to mix and match some of the funkier striped and polka-dot patterns with some solids. You can also mix and match traditional square pillows with bolsters in order to create a makeshift seating area.

Add it up: even or odd?

The traditional rule of thumb dictated that you ought to have an even number of throw pillows. But who's to say that you have to stick with tradition? Let's just say you have a solid colored couch. Try picking out three bigger throw pillows with a large pattern. Place one on either side, and put the third one in the middle. Then you can pick out two solid colored throw pillows in order to add some contrast. Place the two solid pillows between the patterned ones.

When you decorate your furniture like this, it's usually a good idea to stick with a smaller number of larger throw pillows. If you go with a bunch of small pillows, things might look a little chaotic. It's a better idea to let the fabric do the talking.

New seasons, new pillows!

There's no reason to pigeonhole yourself with one set of throw pillows. In fact, changing the pillows is one of the easiest ways to give your home a quick little makeover. Go ahead and stock yourself up with an arsenal of solid pillows. You have some more freedom in this area if you have more neutral furniture. Then you're really open to select from the wide range of seasonal throw pillows at For Christmas, you can mix red and green pillows. Then just swap the green out for white, and you're ready for Valentine's Day! Have fun — use bright colors for the spring and summertime, and use some more natural colors in autumn.

There's a wide world out there, and you can really make your home a reflection of yourself with the creative use of throw pillows!
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