Make your Décor Pop with Decorative Pink Pillows
We love pink— we can't help it. That's why we love decorative pink pillows. Pink doesn't get all the credit it deserves sometimes. How often do you see home décor with pink accents? Pink is the color that we most often connect with romance. So why not use decorative pink pillows in the bedroom? Pink is used for love, friendship, harmony, compassion, relaxation, and companionship. So why not use decorative pink pillows in your den or family room? Pink is symbolic of gentle emotions. So use decorative pink pillows in your little girl's room.

Pink is so much more than a mix between red and white. There's power behind pink, and you can harness that power for yourself with decorative pink pillows. Pink has been used for girls since around the 1940s. Before that (believe it or not!) the pink and blue color roles were reversed. Pink was okay for little boys to wear because it was related to red, so it was “masculine” enough. On the other hand, blue was okay for little girls to wear because it was delicate and dainty (we're thinking powder blue). Why are we telling you this? Well, we want you to get out there and break the mold a little bit. Pink wasn't always strictly “feminine.” You can use decorative pink pillows in any universal space in your home. You aren't limited to just girls' rooms.

A little bit of pink Some of the most attractive options with decorative pink pillows involve pairing the pink with another color. Here are some of our favorite combinations (and a little bit of pink Feng Shui).
  • Like we said before, pink is a great thing to use in a little girl's bedroom. But you aren't limited to that. Try using decorative pink pillows in a powder room, an office, or a den. Pink and orange go very well together. So if you have an orange or rust-colored sofa, try using decorative pink pillows.
  • You will also find that pink and green make an attractive combination. It makes us think of nature. As far as Feng Shui is concerned (because we told you we'd be talking about that), pink brings the energy of fire, and green represents wood. So the green actually strengthens the loving vibrations in your decorative pink pillows. Throw some on your green love seat!
  • Pink and black have a great retro combination going on. We know that pink represents fire— and black is a great with pink because it represents water. The decorative pink pillows will create a subtle (yet attractive) tension with your black furniture. This is great for a retro-themed sitting room.

You'll find yourself putting decorative pink pillows all over your house!
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