Keep the Peace with Decorative Couch Pillows
Everyone goes through something like this at some point in their lives: You've just moved in with a roommate, boyfriend, fiance, husband, etc. and you can't agree on the décor. You're getting whatever kind of furniture you can, and you figure you'll get the decorating done later. Well, what do you do in the meantime? Say you hate your new roommate's ugly brown sofa. The drab fabric just brings you down. You avoid sitting on it. How do you keep the peace in a decorating situation like this? has the answer: Decorative couch pillows.

Before you start plotting against the furniture in your new house or apartment step back and take a few deep breaths. You can work with it! There's no reason to hire a hit-man to quietly take the sofa away. You don't have to borrow your neighbor's cat to ruin it with her claws. It doesn't have to be so drastic. When money is tight, it's a whole lot easier and economical to get a few sets of decorative couch pillows than it is to get a new sofa. Don't think of your furniture as the be-all end-all of your décor. Think of that ugly brown couch as a blank canvas for your new pillow artwork. Mix and match different colors and patterns. Try blending different fabrics. There's no limit to what you can do with decorative couch pillows.

What if your new roommate doesn't like the throw pillows you've selected? Well, you can always suggest to him/her that they can select their own set of decorative couch pillows, too! You can rotate the pillows on a weekly or monthly basis. This way, you'll both be happy with the outcome. And a nice change in décor is always welcome! You'll be surprised how decorative couch pillows can change the climate of a room. You might find yourself having so much fun picking out decorative couch pillows from that you totally forget about getting a new sofa!
All Throw Pillows Include 2" Oversize Inserts for Maximum Size, Corner Fill, and Lasting Shape