All About Your Bolster Pillow
A bolster pillow has so many uses. One of the most popular kinds of pillows for years, a bolster pillow can be used to provide visual interest on your sofa, bed, or outdoor furniture. Interestingly, you'll find that these pillows also offer excellent back support. That's because they're decorative pieces that have been used since the times when pillows were more than just decoration. A bolster pillow served a purpose. Lower back support, neck support, head support— a bolster pillow can do it all. You'll find yourself using it for just about all of your pillow-related needs. (And we're not just saying that because we're!)

If you're new to the bolster pillow scene, we should tell you exactly what a bolster pillow is. They're basically just long, narrow pillows. You'll find oblong, cylinder-shaped pillows here. You'll usually see bolster pillows in front of piles of other decorative pillows on beds or couches. But why call it a “bolster pillow”? Well, it's pretty simple. A bolster pillow is supposed to bolster, or support whomever is using it. They're often used as back support for porch swings and daybeds. In China, you'll see bolster pillows being used as end cushions for sleeping platforms. Talk about multi-functional!

Did you know that people in the United States used to think it was unhealthy to sleep lying down? Up until the 19th century, people were looking for ways to comfortably prop themselves up in bed. That was one of the original uses for a bolster pillow. People used to prop themselves up into a half-sitting position in order to sleep. You might find yourself doing something similar if you have back problems. Or you might find that it's a great solution if you want to watch television in bed. You're sure to find a great way to use your bolster pillow. (After all, they aren't just pretty.)

You might use your bolster pillow to sit up in bed while you're reading. Or you can put one behind your neck or under your ankles to help alleviate discomfort from alignment problems. If you sleep on your side, you can use a bolster pillow as support. You can even put one in the small of your back for lumbar support. Like we said before, the word bolster means support, and you won't be disappointed with the support these great pillows offer.

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